Members of AZ-AEC

Members of AZ-AEC are comprised of alternative education schools, both district and charter, collectively committed to bringing added value to our state’s educational repository through research-based strategies effectively engaging disenfranchised youth while reducing the high school drop-out rates in Arizona.

The mission of the International Commerce High Schools is to prepare adult high school students (16 years of age to 21 years of age) academically for occupational education, postsecondary education, social responsibility, employability, and lifelong learning.
The International Commerce High Schools provide a rigorous, accelerated academic program in world languages, language arts, literature, social studies, mathematics, and natural sciences. These disciplines integrate Arizona’s Academic Standards for students. All courses are taught by highly qualified, certified instructors using inquiry-based learning, cooperative learning, and technology. The schools also provide Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, Literacy, and English Language Acquisition for Adults.

Since our inception in 1995 as one of Arizona’s first charter schools, the mission of PPEP TEC High School (PTHS) has been to provide educational services to students. PTHS provides an educational program and curriculum that is aligned with the Arizona Academic Standards to meet the unique learning needs of our students. Career and Technology Education courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to prepare our graduates to enroll in post-secondary institutions or to obtain employment following graduation.

PPEP TEC High School offers a wide variety after school activities. Some of the exciting activities offered to students at select campuses include: Prom, Student Council, Yearbook, Gardening, Service Learning, Basketball, Soccer, Girl Scouts Youth Leadership, LULAC, and various other clubs. In addition, various volunteer opportunities are held throughout the year to involve our students in their communities and to earn valuable experience to add to their resume.

Ombudsman Educational Services, a subsidiary of Chancelight, has been a charter holder in the state of Arizona since 1996. Starting with one charter school in Phoenix, Ombudsman has expanded to seven schools in the Phoenix area and in Tucson to date. It has been our privilege to help more than 10,000 students obtain a high school diploma, earn credits and obtain the academic skills necessary for post-secondary success. Ombudsman Charter Schools in Arizona are classified as Alternative Schools. Schools receiving an Alternative School designation must have 70% or more students in one or more of the following categories: students with behavioral issues, students identified as dropouts, students with poor academic standing, students with adult responsibilities, and adjudicated youth.
Ombudsman Charter Schools boasts the only Microsoft Showcase School in Arizona and was also recognized in 2020 for having two schools reach Microsoft Incubator status.  Ombudsman Charter Schools also has 14 Microsoft Education Experts.  For more information about Ombudsman Charter Schools call Michael Goto at 480-232-1910 or visit

Student Choice High School is an alternative education charter district with 8 locations across the state of Arizona. We live our mission everyday to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, GRADUATE, and ACTIVATE students. SCHS has been operating for over 20 years as an accreditated organization establishing itself as a credible option for students seeking alternative pathways to their high school diploma. We employ certified and compassionate teammembers who pride themselves as being champions for young adults needing to overcome environmental barriers while pursuing viable college and career opportunities after graduation. Every student who enrolls with us is provided an individualized learning plan and an on-site mentor. Part of our formula for success is utilizing a blended learning approach which couples campus learning supports with a standards-based online curriculum. Our students find the flexible environment easily accessible given their unique circumstances. Please visit our website to learn more about our mission and why Student Choice Surprise campus was recently named a National Alternative Exemplary Practice Showcase School.

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